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Front right side view. The display you see here is a SANYO VM 4509 security monitor. This monitor was quite popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Front view. Front left side view.
Left side view. The SANYO monitor fits the Apple II's form factor, along with the Disk II's on the side, quite well. Back view. Right side view.
Close-up of the right side back portion. Can't see any scratches here.  Close-up of the right side front portion. No noticeable scratches. Top right side near the keyboard area. Some noticeable scratches. Scratches on the B&H model is quite common because the color is actually painted onto the case rather than having the color fixed into the material itself.
Top left side near the keyboard area. Little scratches there, but hardly noticeable. The keyboard on this specimen is in beautiful shape, with all the keys functional. The keys themselves are glossy textured, which is the same as the earlier Apple II model beige models. Also, the power light is raised, rather than flushed with the case. The Disk II drives, made exclusively for the B&H Apple II Plus. Beautiful shape!
A close-up view of the SANYO monitor. This monitor is black and white. Back view of the SANYO monitor. You need to use a special coax cable adapter to connect the monitor to the Apple II's composite video port. Both Disk II drives on this specimen are original, and have the older red label. Drive 1 (top) is much older than Drive 2.
Bottom view of Drive 1. All the feet are intact! Top view of Drive 1. No scratches! Top view of Drive 2. No scratches as well.
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