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Bottom view of Drive 2. This drive is much newer than Drive 1, and as you can see it has the B&H and Apple labels. Top view from the right side. Top view from the left side. Some scratches on the case itself.
Another top view from the left side. Very clean top cover. View of the logic board from the back. In this particular unit, the original owner installed an R/F modulator. Picture of the power supply and 16KB RAM card. Since this photo, I replaced this generic card with an Apple II Language Card.
View of the keyboard from the back of the unit. You can also see the keyboard's analog board.  This particular logic board has the serial number hand-written, 8042. Another view of the logic board, from the front. The peripheral slots are black (earlier versions of the logic board used green slots, which were reportedly surplus from Hewlett-Packard).
Back view of the power supply. Earlier power supplies like this one allowed you to change the fuse without opening the entire power supply. The bottom label of this particular unit, serial number A2S3-006663. Bottom view of the unit. All four feet are original and intact. Clean bottom!
Original Velcro tabs are still in place. Both of them! The SANYO monitor connected to the unit, showing it booting into DOS 3.3. The DOS that is with this unit is the 8/25/1980 release.
I also added an Appli-CARD CP/M card. This screen shows the unit booting into CP/M 2.2, which is really neat because the 80-column video is actually generated using hi-res graphics mode. This is the Bell & Howell P100, which is identical to the MPI 99G. Though MPI sold it for other computers, B&H specifically marketed it for the Darth Vader model. Back view of the P100. Note that the Centronics ribbon cable is fixed into the printer, and cannot be removed.
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