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Tracker feed on the P100. The P100 also came with the MPI AP-PAK, an Apple II printer interface kit, which includes the interface card and software driver for AppleWriter 1.1 (disk is missing in this collection). View of the printer interface card.
I've also added to the collection an original pair of Apple II game paddles. They're kind of flaky, however, but it can be easily fixed by replacing the potentiometer. I added a Hayes Micromodem II to the unit. This card resides in slot #3, and can connect at 110 or 300 baud. I added these three manuals that shipped with Bell & Howell unit.
Original user feedback and registration forms for the computer. 16-sector stickers you would use to distinguish diskettes between 16-sectored and 13-sectored. I added the Disk II and Apple Super Serial Card manuals. Disk II manual includes registration form. The SSC manual is stil shrink-wrapped.
Original box that contains the two DOS 3.3 diskettes (Master and Basics). I added the original DOS 3.3 System Master and Basics diskettes, and also the Apple logo decals and Disk II mounting kit. The mounting kit is still shrink-wrapped.
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