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Apple Lisa 1 - Includes "Twiggy" Disk Drives

These are images of an original Apple Lisa 1. Unfortunately, this puppy is not part of my physical museum. All photos are posted here courtesy of Adam Goolevitch, also known as Mac512K. He was the original owner of this particular unit until he sold it a couple of years ago for $10,000.00 on eBay. You can visit his ebay AboutMe web page.

Specifications: Logic Board: Motorola 68000 CPU 5Mhz, no FPU, 16-bit, 5Mhz bus, no cache, three expansion slots. Memory: DRAM, 512KB minimum, 1MB maximum. Storage: Two 860KB 5.25" disk drives (known as "Twiggy"), optional Apple ProFile hard disk drive system (via an optional parallel port interface card). Ports: Two DB-25 serial ports, DB-9 port for the mouse, large headphone-style jack for the keyboard. Display: 12-inch monochrome, 640 x 480, 1-bit. Audio: 8-bit mono. Physical: 150w, 48lbs, 15.2 H x 18.7 W x 13.8 D. OS: Lisa Office 7/7. Introduced: January 1983. Discontinued: 1984.

Promotional photo of the Apple Lisa 1 (Apple Computer, Inc.) Photo of the I/O board, and two RAM cards, all three connected to the motherboard. Keyboard in its original box, along with foam.
The original keyboard box. Front view. Another front view, along with the original boxes for the mouse and keyboard. ProFile 5MB is sitting on top.
Back of the Lisa 1. Close-up of the keyboard. Shot of the Lisa logo on the front cover. Apple took this out when they came out with the Lisa 2.
Yet another front view. This particular model has the D40 ROM. This version is consistent with the Lisa 1. Photo of the identification information.
Underneath the original mouse. They soon switched to the M0001 model, which is the same model that ships with the Mac Plus. Original mouse box. Inside the box of the original box. As you can see, the Lisa mouse has a very thin button.
Inside the front panel, this particular unit has "PTA PROTOTYPE" stamped. Shot of the display, waiting for the user to insert a bootable diskette. Photo of the two internal Twiggy disk drives.

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