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Richie Rich #1
November 1960

I originally purchased this very comic book in 1986. Well, actually, my mom purchased it for me as a birthday present. She purchased it from The Collectors Slave, which was based out in Canada. At the time of purchase, it was appraised at VF/NM, and she purchased it for $400.00 US.

A few weeks ago, someone on eBay sold a Richie Rich #1 for $3065.00 US. It was rated by Comics Guaranty, LLC as an 8.5 VF+, off-white pages. The Overstreet Price Guide values a comic book with that rating at around $1600.00 US. So I thought why not pull my copy out and submit it to CGC for an appraisal.

About two weeks later, the book came back in the exact same shape I sent it. It too was rated a 8.5. Fantastic!!! :)

You can also see CGC's census on Richie Rich #1. Click on this link to see it. As of 07/07/2005, my comic book is among eight of the best graded CGC book they know of.

The photos you see below is MY copy of the comic book. The front and back cover scans are un-touched, so what you see is really what's there. If you're looking for even larger images, let me know.

Some of the images are kind of strange... I was playing around with Adobe Photoshop a bit, and a couple of the filters came out pretty cool.

Enjoy!!!! :)

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